Jerky is a go-to snack for all meat lovers who need to find a quick solution for their cravings without the need for cooking. Dried meat has been in the market for years, but now more brands of offering packed jerky products with tons of flavors to choose from. The most basic jerky that you can find will have salt as the added ingredient.

Jerky can be a healthy snack if the meat is dried properly and is sliced in thing stips. Make smart choices while picking a jerky pack if you want to add it to your healthy diet plan. It is an excellent source for protein while keeping the fat levels to a minimum.

Jerky can have high amounts of sodium, which can be a health concern to a group of consumers. Despite being an essential ingredient, sodium can easily become dangerous if taken in higher quantities. That is why you need to find jerky with low sodium levels. The recommended sodium level for a healthy jerky is 500mg per serving. The sugar levels of the product should also not exceed 5g. Here is a list of jerky brands with minimum sodium levels to provide a healthy quick snack for your travels and shelves.


Stryve Foods Original Beef Biltong

Biltong offers nutritious jerky with only 450g sodium, 80 calories, 1g carbs, and 0g fiber. With 16g of protein per unit, Biltong’s jerky is one of the best that you can try out today.

Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

If you want to try out completely natural jerky, then this is the product that you must try out. It contains only 290mg sodium, with 100 calories and 6g fat. It offers 9g of protein with 0 fiber, sugar, and carbs. The meat uses the most authentic margination and drying process to give you natural flavors of meat with a hint of saltiness.

Lucky Beef Jerky Original

Another low sodium jerky that can juice up your taste buds is the Lucky Beef Jerky, which has 340g sodium, 70 calories, 4g fat, and 2g of carbs. It contains 8g of protein, making it effective for health enthusiasts to enjoy meat.

Lucky Beef Jerky Original Original Buffalo Jerky

This low sodium jerky contains 310g of sodium, 97 calories, and only 0.5g of fat. It has 8g of carbs, 3g fiber, and 3g sugar, which can provide the right fuel for working out. The best part of this jerky is its protein content of 15g, and it can be ordered online directly from their website.

Primal Classic Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Another classic jerky brand in the market is Primal, which serves different flavors of grass-fed beef jerky. The most authentic jerky from Primal contains the only 240g of sodium for the taste and 3g sugar. It has 90g calories, 5g carbs, and 2.5g fat. Primal is one of the best quality products that you can buy online.