Of Dreams and Past Lives

My first trip to the fabled South Street in Philadelphia was on my first or second day at La Salle University. I had heard all of the stories about the freaks and weirdos and criminals that populated the strip between Front and Broad, of the sex shops and tattoo parlours that you couldn’t miss if you were swinging a dead cat.

To my 18 year old eyes, it was everything it was supposed to be, and more. I got my ear pierced at a shop there, the ultimate act of rebellion for me at the time. A few years later, I got my second tattoo on South.

Granted, even in 1996, South Street wasn’t as big a to-do as it was in its heyday. And going down there today, you can definitely see that it has fully transitioned from punk to pop. But it will always carry a special place in my heart, in this city I fell in love with over 20 years ago.

And it is with no small measure of pride that I can announce that Saint Brian’s BBQ sauces will be available at the South Street Whole Foods starting March 30, 2017.