Don’t use lighter fluid to light your barbecue. Or match light charcoal. Ever.

No pitmaster worth their salt wants the taste of lighter fluid in their food, and that’s exactly what you get when you use it to start your fire and when you use match light charcoal (which is essentially charcoal soaked in lighter fluid). Stop it! Light your coals the right way:

  1. Only use natural lump charcoal. (If you are feeling especially creative and motivated, you can make your own.)
  2. Use a chimney starter:
    1. Put a pile of coals in your barbecue, smoker, or fire pit
    2. Load more coal into a chimney starter
    3. Put 2 pieces of crumpled up newspaper in the bottom of the starter
    4. Place the chimney on your grill, or some other fire-proof location
    5. Light the paper

The chimney will naturally draw the fire up into the coals and light them. When they are all lit, you can pour them on top of the pile of charcoal in your cooker and your’ll be ready to go.

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