Operation: Honey Badger

“…honey badgers are notorious for their strength, ferocity and toughness…They are virtually tireless in combat…”

We are always on the lookout for new stores that should be carrying Saint Brian’s BBQ, and we can use your help.  Here’s how:

  1.  Message us with stores that either are currently carrying other brands of barbecue sauce and rubs, or that you feel should be carrying Saint Brian’s*. Send a picture of the sauces and/or rubs that they are currently carrying.
  2. Should the store start carrying Saint Brian’s products, upon receipt of payment from the vendor for the first order (minimum 2 cases), you will receive an Amazon gift card valued at 10% of the wholesale price**.

* Large chains, such as Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Acme, etc are excluded from this promotion

** Offer applies only to the first order for that vendor, and does not apply to multiple locations of the same vendor. The gift card will be valued at 10% of the first invoice received from that vendor.