Saint Brian’s Barbecue Sauce is just better.

What makes Saint Brian’s Barbecue sauce different than the other sauces that are out there? I could answer that with, “Saint Brian’s Barbecue sauce is just better,” but that’s over simplifying it, and it sounds like I’m putting on airs.

You should buy Saint Brian’s Barbecue sauce for the only reasons that matter when buying any food: the ingredients, and the flavor.

Ingredients: Look at the ingredient label on most barbecue sauces, and the top three ingredients are some combination of tomato paste, water, and high fructose corn syrup. Then it will say something like, “Less than 2% of the following,” and then list some herbs and spices. So you’re buying a bottle of tomato paste that’s been watered down, had its yield increased with flavorless syrup, and then had some spices added in as an afterthought.

Even the so-called “premium” brands tend to have water as a top ingredient, which serves to increase the yield, and mute the flavors.

Saint Brian’s Barbecue sauces have NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. I don’t add water to increase the yield, and thus mute the flavors. I like BIG, BOLD FLAVOR and won’t do anything to compromise that.

Flavor: In a blind taste test versus the leading national brand, SAINT BRIAN’S Barbecue BEAT THE LEADING BRAND 9 TIMES OUT OF 10. This is among people who professed to “love” the leading brand, but learned that Saint Brian’s flavor trumps it. They realized what barbecue sauce should taste like.

BBQ Belt - Types of Barbecue Sauce
BBQ Belt, courtesy of University of Virginia

I’ve had people from the BBQ Belt give me a look when I’ve offered them a sample of Saint Brian’s Original BBQ Sauce or Saint Brian’s Sweet Victory BBQ Sauce, as if to say, “There’s no way a Yankee knows barbecue,” only to have them replace that expression of one of surprise, disbelief, and elation upon tasting the sauce.

I had the pleasure of offering the Saint Brian’s Zombie Punch BBQ Sauce to a couple from Jamaica, who said it reminded them of the jerk their father back home made. That’s high (and humbling) praise indeed.

So, that’s the long explanation as to what makes Saint Brian’s different.

The short answer? Saint Brian’s BBQ is just better.